Hi, my names Phil and I’m a self-taught artist.

I’ve been drawing since a very young age. I am the only one in the family with artist abilities and we have no idea where it came from. I was never encouraged to pursue art during my education which I’m very thankful for – I’ve had no influences or guidance from anyone and so this is my own style!

I have a preference for black & white art as I personally feel you can be ‘blinded’ by the colour in a picture. If you take away the colour you can see what’s really underneath – the true ’emotion of that moment’. It’s something that I centre on in all of my drawings and I hope that is conveyed to everyone who sees my art. (I do love colour by the way)

Detail in a drawing is very important to me! The more detail there is the more you see.

I use a medium which isn’t used very much and I would probably get away with saying that I’m the only artist that has used nothing else but chinagraph pencils for drawing – something I have been doing for over 24 years!

I really appreciate you looking at my drawings and I hope you enjoy them.

I do commissioned work and I’m happy to receive emails from you to discuss your requirements. My email address is phil@plokimju.co.uk. Other methods of contacting me can be found on the Contact Me page

I live in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon,


You can purchase copies of my art from the following websites: