Placing an order is easy:

1: Simply post/email some photos of your subject along with your Name, Address and Phone number to (email me for my mailing address if you wish to post).

If you don’t have any photos there are 2 options: simply take several photos and email/post them to me. From these we can create the look of the drawing. The other option is for me to visit you and I can take the photos (Depending on distance there may be a cost to cover petrol).

2: We can then discuss what you would like regarding the size and layout.

3: Once we have agreed what is required I will ask for 50% of the payment up front. Payment can be made via Internet bank transfer, Cash or Paypal.

I will keep you up to date on the progress of your Drawing, emailing you visual updates or simple emails saying what stage I am at.

4: Once your drawing is completed I will inform you and email a copy to you. Once the final payment has been received I will post your original ‘one-off’ drawing to you.

*In the event that the final payment isn’t made I have the right to keep and either sell or use the drawing myself. There won’t be any refunds except under my own personal discretion.

A very special note:

One of the saddest moments is Drawing a pet who doesn’t have long left. This has happened and whilst I put equal effort into all my drawings there is a special time creating a drawing for a client during this period – it is a visual ‘moment’ that will be forever unique – a moment to be cherished always.